Welcome to the Suwannee River Region AACA

P O Box 7095, Lake City, FL 32056, Phone: 386-365-9643 Email: wilshirav@aol.com.

The Suwannee River Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America (www.aaca.org), is a family friendly organization, located in North Florida. We love old cars, good food and enjoy above average comradery with each other. Our members are involved in local, state and national events. Our meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at the El Potro Restaurant on US 90 across the street from the Lake City Mall and start at 7 PM. We cover necessary business, but the meetings are always light, interesting and involve all members and guests. If you have an interest in old cars, please consider joining us. For more information, contact: Ralph Towner, Oil Can Editor at 386-397-4571.

A message from our President:

My message will be short and sweet this month as I have been away for most of it.  Bill and I  traveled to NJ and spent 10 days in gloomy New Jersey. Not once did I see the sun, just like I remembered it.  Anyway, why you ask? Well, we went to see the new great-grandbaby and the sun was sure shinning down on her.  What a little beauty.  As great a time as we had with the grandkids, it is always good to get home to warm weather and beautiful blue skies.  While traveling we saw many classic cars on the road.  A 1951 Jeep station wagon, a 1950 Jeep pick-up, a Corvair, Monte Carlo SS, and a ’62 Chevy and a ’69 Camaro.

Of course we saw many others on trailers but what impressed me the most were those I mentioned were driving and keeping up with the 70 mile speed limits.  Just cruising like they owned the roads, windows down, radio turned up. They were truly a sight to see.  I’m sure many were headed to Hershey and as much as I wanted to go I just couldn’t tear myself away from that new baby.  However in Ocean City, NJ, they had the Jeep Invasion. Can you imagine 500 Jeeps on the boardwalk? Every make and model you could think of.  On the way home we stopped in Williamsburg, VA and visited Historical Williamsburg. We were hoping to see the leaves change but I guess the summer was just too warm because none of them had changed yet. Williamsburg had changed so much since the last time we were there. You need several days to see it all. It was a great trip and always good to see family. 

Don’t forget we will have elections at our next meeting, so please try and make it.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember to give Thanks for all you have!