Welcome to the Suwannee River Region AACA

P O Box 7095 Lake City, FL 32056 Phone: 386-752-9116 or 386-397-4571 Email: gyrokoppters@yahoo.com AACA National: www.aaca.org The Suwannee River Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America, is a family friendly organization, located in North Florida. We love old cars, good food and enjoy above average comradely with each other. Our members are involved in local, state and national events. Our meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at the El Potro Restaurant  on US 90 across the street from the Lake City Mall and start around 7:00 – 7:15 PM. We cover necessary business, but the meetings are always light, interesting and involve all members and guests. If you have an interest in old cars, please consider joining us. For more information, contact: Ralph Towner, Oil Can Editor at 386-397-4571.


A message from our President:  

 Do you ever think ahead? I’m sure we all do, but this month I was
challenged by Ralph Towner as he told me that the application was
made to National for the Winter Meet in Ocala again. The catch,
it’s February of 2019. Of course it still needs approval from National
which will likely be done at the next AACA National Board meeting.
I guess when we were all younger we never gave it a second thought to something being two years away. I know I would have said, not a problem. But as we get older, two years away seems like forever.
Even though it sure does seem like the older you get the faster time flies. At any rate, I really thought about what I could do two years from now, and realized even though I will be little older my love for the classic cars will be just as strong. Being President this year I have
learned so much and really appreciate the passion that we all have
for our cars. Any event takes passion and organization, a willingness to work, volunteer and learn all we can from those who have been
involved before us. I’m sure if you look back over your car life, how
many of us asked for help and learned from others. If we don’t step
up and teach and volunteer who will show the younger generation
that love that we have for all cars. I will issue that challenge to all of you whether it’s a National Event or just around town. You just being there and talking to others is a priceless gift to someone who has the same passion. I hope someday, that someone will come up to me and say I always remembered how much love you have for your car and now I have one to treasure.

Happy Fathers Day!
Shirley McManus