Welcome to the Suwannee River Region AACA

P O Box 7095, Lake City, FL 32056, Phone: 386-365-9643 Email: wilshirav@aol.com.

The Suwannee River Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America (www.aaca.org), is a family friendly organization, located in North Florida. We love old cars, good food and enjoy above average comradery with each other. Our members are involved in local, state and national events. Our meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at the El Potro Restaurant on US 90 across the street from the Lake City Mall and start at 7 PM. We cover necessary business, but the meetings are always light, interesting and involve all members and guests. If you have an interest in old cars, please consider joining us. For more information, contact:  Shirley McManus, President, 386-365-9643.

A message from our President:

This has definitely been a month for the History Books. I can always remember the stories my Father and Grandfather told me about World War I and II and the great depression. They were only stories to us, but now we have our own war of a totally different kind that will certainly make the History Books as well.

Unlike the past, the only thing we are being asked to do is stay at home. To those of us so active this has been quite a challenge. I’m thankful I was able to work from home as some of you have. But even though my husband is home every day I can see how restricted he feels not being able to go anywhere he wants. We try at least every few days to load up the cat and take a ride around town just to get out. Our houses are cleaner then they have ever been. I have cleaned out closets and I see a big Yard Sale in the near future.

I’ve heard from many of you that you were “sheltering in place” and that you are OK. Thank you for those Emails, it was great hearing from you. I know we are all missing the activities, the monthly meetings, and the car shows. As of this message we are all waiting for any news on events.

I would like to issue you all a challenge: to write your story going through this time. I would love to gather these thoughts, struggles, and what positive things came from this. I’d like to make a journal for the club to be a part of our history. It can be a few paragraphs to a few pages. Tell it from the heart.  I wish I could fill this message with all kinds of activities. I hope very soon I’ll be able to do this. I will keep in touch and keep you updated as we hear about events. So for now have patience, be careful, wear gloves and a mask and check on each other and oh yeah wash those hands. This fall will probably be so full of events; we won’t know which one to go to.  Let’s hope that April showers will bring us May flowers.  Take care,