Welcome to the Suwannee River Region AACA

The Suwannee River Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America (www.aaca.org), is a family friendly organization, located in North Florida. We love old cars, good food and enjoy above average comradery with each other. Our members are involved in local, state and national events. Our meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at the Wellborn Community Association Center, in Wellborn, FL, and start at 7 PM.  We cover necessary business, but the meetings are always light, interesting and involve all members and  guests.  If you have an interest in old cars, please consider joining us. For more information, contact:  Shirley McManus, President, 386-365-9643; PO Box 7095, Lake City, FL  32056; e:mail [email protected]

A Message From Our President:

While the West Coast is still getting snow we have had the most beautiful Florida weather. We started April with the Wellborn Blueberry Pancake Breakfast and they served a record number of breakfasts! They also had a Community Yard Sale for everyone to find some treasures. Hardee’s has been having great turnouts on Friday night’s. Bill and I even got to go on Good Friday because we didn’t have a dance that night. Ralph Towner had his membership hat on and recruited some new members. Nina and Jerry Howd with a near perfect 1988 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible. Also, Joe and Bev Heath with (can you believe it) a Jeep and a Camaro, just like Bill and I.

Our Club picnic was a great time and a chance to get to know our new members better. Read more about it on page 8. We are looking forward to our Cystic Fibrosis show at the Webb’s Antique Mall April 30 and we will have more on that next month. I definitely want to bring up our Club sponsored up-coming Car Show at the Wellborn Blueberry Festival June 4th. If you missed the meeting and the picnic and want to help or be in the parade please let me know ASAP. Our May meeting will be devoted to the show.

I do want to thank the Club for relooking at the Pack-N-Play proposal for the Pregnancy Care Center. Between the club and several donors and some careful shopping we were able to buy them 7 Pack-N-Plays. If you don’t know, a Pack-N-Play is a portable combination of crib and playpen. There was even a few dollars left over and I bought 12 baby outfits in toddler sizes because that was what they needed. Roy Spurling, Bill and I delivered our gifts to the Pregnancy Care Center and met with the Director Lori North and Michelle Jansen who is one of the Volunteers who maintains the room they call Kathy’s Closet. They gave us a full tour of the facility. Each room had a story of how they help so many. From the Ultra-sound room… to the counseling rooms… to the nurse’s station… to the chapel. The caring staff do everything they can to help these mothers and fathers. Last but not least we were taken to Kathy’s Closet which was just filled with diapers’ clothing and everything you could need for a baby. It was so organized it looked like a baby boutique. The classes and programs they provide are available to the mothers and they earn mommy dollars (credit) for every class or program they finish. As these dollars add up they can use them to shop for the items in this room that they need. Because they have earned it themselves it means so much more to them. Our Pack-N-Plays were certainly a welcome sight for the staff and they were so excited. These are something they hardly ever get and so important for the Mothers who really need them. This is just another way of how our club gives back to the community in all kind of ways. 

That being said I hope all you ladies have a wonderful Mother’s Day and realize how blessed you are.